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Energy Intensive Consumers

Despite the high levels of energy used in many industrial sectors, the purchase and the use of this valuable asset hasn’t yet been optimized enough. Independent studies show – by way of example – that the energy bill (as a mix of electricity, gas, coal, oil, etc.) can be as heavy as 44% in the steel sector, 27% in the chemical industry and 25% in cement works. With the liberalization of the energy market – as experienced in the last years –  businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to improve their own Energy Management: using an informed choice of the supplier, being aware of the contractual options and allowing the company to modulate one’s supply over time.

Once the basic energy figures are monitored (measurements, consumption, etc.) using BelVis EDM and the short or medium/long term energy demand forecasted using BelVis Forecast, the following step is to model one’s own energy process using ResOpt and simulate how to cover efficiently one’s own energy supply using different solutions of self-generation and consumption, supplies from Traders or direct access to the market, as well Demand Response opportunities.