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Our team at ifs Factory is made up of a group of professionals with high expertise in SW development and a deep knowledge of the Italian energy market.

They cover the following functional areas in the Energy&Utility sector:

  • Data Collection (measures, readings and e-invoicing)
  • Energy Data Management
  • Management of technical Services, regulated and non regulated (such as switch, meter change, new activation etc)
  • Communication among market players via web or Application-To-Application
  • Reseller management
  • Gas Nomination
  • Wholesales invoicing
  • System Monitoring

The development of our solutions is based on IT market standards in terms of programming languages, databases and other IT tools used, taking advantage of the skills acquired in Big Data, AI, Advanced Analytics and RPA (bot).

In cooperation with our Consulting team and the Technical Account Managers, the ifs Factory can support clients also in the design of custom-made solutions, understanding the needs and setting the specifications.