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Towards the Green company

In ifs Italia we support the “Ecological Transition” because we believe that every company should contribute to this global goal that requires a great commitment on the part of everyone and that only with the contribution of everyone can be achieved.

After several years of working in the world of energy, we have a “privileged” position to be constantly updated on everything related to renewables and environmental sustainability: for this reason, for some time now, our company cars are all low environmental impact (plug-in hybrids or powered by natural gas), our offices and data centers, where our cloud services are hosted are powered only by energy produced from renewables with Guarantee of Origin and also ifs offices serve as “collection centers” for employees and collaborators, where they can deliver exhausted batteries and unusable appliances that are then disposed of by certified companies.

Together with our Customers, Collaborators and Suppliers we are therefore contributing to the decarbonisation of our production chain in order to meet the challenging goals set by the international community.