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Our Mission

Anticipating the evolutions of the Energy market and subsequent requirements for IT systems, we identify international product partners who offer technologically advanced and functional “best-of-breed” solutions, delivered either “on premises” or in “Software As A Service”, according to customer needs.

The close collaboration with our Partners – many of them leaders in markets of reference at international level – allows our customers to have access to the know-how acquired in the field at companies that have already successfully overcome the challenges of continental energy markets, where regulation and liberalization coexist, while maintaining as the only interlocutor – for any technical and commercial aspect – a reality well rooted in the Italian market as ifs is. Wherever the specificities of the Italian market prevail, with SW Factory we address these needs both through our suite of standard products and through custom tools built ad hoc on customer specifications.

By making innovation the main driver of our business and constantly investing in the recruitment and training of IT and Energy professionals, we ensure our customers to stay up to date with new market needs and comply with Italian and European regulations.

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