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Both in the case of Power and Gas, several Regulatory Directives require the scheduling within clearly defined timing and limits and the balancing of the network. The payment of penalties is enforced for energy imbalance in case of incorrect forecast from dispatchers. But it’s not just a matter of legislation: in a fully liberalized market, operators are required an ever increasing flexibility, which is achievable only once a clear picture of one’s needs of purchase and sales of energy is available and a tool able to forecast the different entities in the market, particularly complex in the Demand side (metering points, zonal profile, city gate etc). With the BelVis suite – designed for the Forecast in the energy sector – we can provide an all-round solution for Power and Gas, both for the traders’ consumption and demand side and for the generation from Renewable plants, as well as for energy Prices and fundamentals. All of this can be done both on customer’s premises or as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).