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Energy Data Management (EDM) is a central topic for a good Energy Management of all operators in the energy industry:

BelVis PPM e AMC (AMR) for Energy Generation and Energy Distribution

Allow you to manage – with a high degree of flexibility – the Metering cycle of GME meters and Energy Balancing as laid down in AEEG legislation; furthermore using the Belvisyon module – powered by the Decisyon BI system – it’s possible to develop an advanced and custom-made reporting system.

BelVis EDM and AMC (AMR) for ESCO and Energy Intensive Consumers

Allow to map and estimate your own consumption, uploading your own measurements from the Vendors and eventually via AMC the measurements of the dataloggers.

EDL+ for Dispatchers/Distribution Users

Central repository of all measurement flows, technical master data and invoices from SII and Distributors, with management tools for rejects in acquisition/validation and calculation to realize Pre-Billing, MeterToForecast, MeterToPortfolio, and export to Billing and DWH.