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Data Security

ifs uses Open Source technologies widely used and supported by companies and IT communities.

Data managed by IFS products are stored in state-of-the-art databases and files, with a focus on security and privacy. The personal and sensitive data are stored in encrypted form on the databases and in the files whose access via UI or services is allowed only through authentication.

The files generated by the application are managed through a filesharing system integrated into the products and able to encrypt the content. Access to files is easy thanks to intuitive and modern UI via the web, desktop clients or Apps.

To access applications and services, ifs products are provided with an IAM system that supports the main protocols such as OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and SAML. Any access and attempt to gain access are tracked and monitored by appropriate system modules. Passwords must meet certain criteria in terms of length and composition witch allow to exclude “weak” passwords.

ifs dedicated SaaS Solutions apply data segregation ensuring Client to be the only party accessing own data and information. Servers that host IFS solutions are continuously monitored in order to detect threats and ensure business continuity.

The results of the processing in ifs products are grouped by type/process, and the access to the various data areas is restricted only to authorised user profiles.