The energy CRM EVI platform – credited with more than 150 installations all over Europe – has been designed by Cursor Software AG in collaboration with the German multi-utilities Association; and from year 2001 it’s available in the Italian version as well as in English, in German and other languages.

  • EVI can be easily integrated with the most common billing systems;
  • EVI manages separately corporate business and retail customers;
  • EVI is a multi-language and multi-company system;
  • EVI is fully integrated with MS Office and has bi-directional interfaces with Outlook, Gmail, Groupwise and Lotus Notes.

The various EVI modules fully meet the requirements to efficiently manage energy clients providing an up-to-date picture of the customer data to all relevant Utility offices. In particular EVI provides al the functionalities required by the KAM or dealers that are moving pro-actively in the new energy market: starting from the contact management to the offer definition and tracking, the system acts as a “desktop” to manage all day-to-day work.

  • Pro-active management of business contacts
  • Market analysis
  • Work organization of the Sales team
  • Planning and controlling of marketing activities
  • Pricing and Offering
  • Credit and Reminder Management

Integrated with EDX-V as front-end to Distributors, SII and Resellers, EVIJET is the ideal back-office system to manage Power and Gas customers under their own dispatching contract and those through third party Traders.