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Generation of Renewable Energy

Following various determinations of the Regulators, in the last few years Producers and Traders have been asked to improve the predictability of power Generation from Renewable power plants: ifs has been offering advanced technology tools in this field for years, whether it’s Wind or Photovoltaic and has a large expertise with international partners that have already tested these solutions on their markets where such guidelines have been operational for years,

Producers and Traders can choose between an in-house installation of the BelVis PPM and Forecast System set up for the type of power plant to be forecasted and the meteo forecast in input, provided by ifs (and where appropriate complemented by BelVis AMC for metering reading and so generate a forecast in “real time”) and a full Business Process Outsourcing – therefore cutting the costs of a dedicated HW/SW – but still with the assurance of working with the leaders in Italy and Europe in Renewable forecasting. The provision includes the production forecast for the following 3 days (from D+1 to D+3) or over longer periods, including Confidence intervals on top of the conventional Deterministic forecast.

The forecast is sent daily before 7 am in order to schedule day ahead (MGP) and then – via additional rounds of refinement also using “real time” data – to schedule on the several intraday MI and continuous markets. The service includes a six monthly update of the models based on the updated production metering data (and meteorological records if available) from the operator.