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Given the peculiarities of the management of metering data from different Power Plants (thermoelectric, renewable, etc), we developed a specific version of BelVis (BelVis PPM) aimed at Power generation companies which incorporates the market model split in entities such as:
• Metering Point
• Virtual Point (PVI/PVK)
• Generation Group
• Production Unit
• Power Plant

BelVis PPM can support the Data Management activities according to TERNA and AEEGSI regulation and a constant update to be compliant to any future directive. Combined with the Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) BelVis AMC system or interfacing it with the AMR systems from third parties, the whole life cycle of measurements and energy Balancing/Settlement is covered.
This solution is recommended to manage data from large thermal Power Plants as well as from smaller and/or renewable ones, in this latter case it can be extended with the module for Generation Forecasting (BelVis PRO).
And lastly, with the help of the Belvisyon extension powered by “Decysion”, BelVis PPM can provide an Advanced Reporting system and Data Analytics cockpit for KPI analysis and data graphical visualization as well as a proper “Asset Management” of the Power Plants by accessing data from SCADA and other sources.