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Outsourcing of Services

All of IFS products can be hosted in our Data Center, with the guarantee for our customers of a high reliability and the assurance of the necessary flexibility of the HW platform that can be safely accessed from client’s offices.

IFS also offer a Business Process Outsourcing, providing a full outsourcing service by the means of a bundle of IFS solutions, data and professional services from IFS trained staff, particularly in the area of:

  • Forecast of Renewable energy generation of single or aggregated plants (Wind, PV, Hydro)
  • Day ahead price/sign forecast (national or area-based)
  • Forecast Power demand and Gas consumption
  • Management of data flow exchanges with Distributors and SII (measurements/readings and technical services)



Product/Service co-financed in the framework of the POR FESR LAZIO 2007-2013