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EDX-V for the Indemnification System

The “Indemnification System (SIND)” has been created in order to neutralise and discourage the energy customers being in arrears and switching to a new Retailer, by means of compensating, in specific conditions, the outgoing energy Retailer. This is achieved by submitting a request to Acquirente Unico/SII that will attribute the so called “CMOR” (that is, the compensation payment) to the end costumer, through the DSO supplying the POD.

EDX-V allows you to manage the SIND process as defined and regulated by the energy Authority ARERA, and specifically:

  • Manages the services which form the SIND both for the outgoing and for the incoming Retailer, whether it is a Trader or a Reseller. You can easily monitor the state of any file through the standard functions of  EDC-V.
    • For the outgoing Retailer it is a matter of presenting (SI1) or cancelling (AI1) a claim for compensation. It’s also possible to receive a notification of the value of compensation (SI7) or of the cancellation of the claim for compensation on behalf of the SII (AI5) or even to cancel or suspend the request on behalf of the incoming Retailer and in this specific case to receive the revocation of such annulment (AS5).
    • For the incoming Retailer it’s about receiving the notification of the application of compensation (SI6) or the change in the value of the compensation (SI7) or the annulment of a claim for compensation (AI6). It’s also possible to present a request for cancellation or suspension of compensation (AS3) and notify it to the incoming Reseller if different from the incoming Retailer (AS6) and to present monthly or yearly statements of compensation invoiced (RI6/RA6).
  • It provides an operational report that makes it possible to check the amounts of compensation invoiced, as well as of any transfer and correction.
  • By means of using EDL+ the invoicing process is triggered in order to let the Resellers know in advance the CMOR fees to be collected, as well as by managing it towards any final customer.
  • It is designed to create the on-line application for compensation by entering invoice and payment information needed to submit the request.