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Energy Data Exchanger (EDX)

Data Exchange among Market Players, SII, Resellers and Customers via Web Portal and a-to-a

The EDX (Energy Data eXchanger) suite is the ifs web-based platform designed to manage – with a high degree of automation – the communication flows among the different players in the Energy market in accordance with the Italian Energy Authority current and forthcoming regulation.

Traders/UDD: EDX-V

EDX-V is the product addressed to Power and Gas Traders/UDD to manage the information exchange processes with the other market players, especially with Distributors, TSO and SII (Italian energy data hub). EDX-V is broken down in the following independent modules:

  • EDL+: to manage the acquisition, normalization and validation of measurement data and accounts payable made available by Distribution/SII, Transport and Storage companies and to calculate the consumption for invoicing purposes.
  • EDC-VD: to manage the information exchange processes with regards to the after sales technical services using the Portal and/or A-To-A with the Distributors, in particular with the SII.
  • EDC-VR: to manage Resellers and extend them the functionalities of EDL+ and EDC-VD through a dedicated Portal in such a way that the exchange of the Reseller data and service information follows the same safe and transparent process of direct customers of the Trader.
  • EDC-VP: to give end-customers easy and transparent access to their own measurement data and other documents (PDF, invoices, etc.).
  • EDX-Vi: integration layer with Tarder legacy systems.


Distributors and SII: EDX-D
EDX-D is the module designed for the Power and Gas Distributors to manage the information exchange processes with the other market players, and in particular to give Wholesales/Traders easy and transparent access to measurement and delivery point data compliant to the Regulator’s directives, taking into account the current developments to give SII a central role in the data redistribution.
Power generators: EDX-P

EDX-P is the module of the EDX suite addressed to Power Generators that extends the functions of the BelVis Energy Data Management platform. Using EDX-P the end users at the Power Stations can have an intuitive display of their data (graphs, tables, etc.) and the option of downloading it, along with the BelVis reports of their interest, without the need to install any client.