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Distributors are among the energy market operators that are more affected by the various waves of the liberalization of the energy market. They have the need to equip themselves with tools to ensure customers with a high quality service in the radically changed regulatory environment. BelVis EDM is the ideal instrument for these operators both to support internal activities and to provide the highest quality of service. In particular, BelVis EDM allows:

  • The collection and the efficient management of a large volume of data.
  • The meter reading through the integrated BelVis AMC module.
  • The validation of acquired data and the gap filling of missing or incorrect data using several automatic or manual mechanisms.
  • The incorporation of the metering activity in the pricing, accounting, (etc). operating systems.
  • The interaction with the UDD through the EDX-D web modulefor the data Publication compliant with the standard (format etc) required by the regulatory framework.
  • The calculation of the Settlement/Load Profiling.
  • The reporting system aimed at the institutional players (Terna, GSE,…).