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Energy Data Loader plus (EDL+) is part of the EDX-V suite and it’s the Web solution designed by ifs Italia for the exchange of information among Traders and Distributors, the institutional players (TSO’s, SII…), as well as the Resellers (when present) and the end-customers.

EDL+ is the ifs product for preparation and normalization of Power & Gas data from various sources. It allows import of data such as measurements, readings, accounts payable, other quantities in a single format that can be used in several energy market processes. EDL+ is composed of an administration and management module containing all features necessary for data analysis, validation, control and – where anomalies are detected – for Dispute Management with the counterparty. Once acquired, data can go through the various modules, for the calculation of Consumption to be used in Invoicing (MeterToCash), in Demand Forecast (MeterToForecast), in Portfolio Managment (MeterToPFM), and for the management of Account Payables following the ARERA standard and proprietary ones.

EDL+ has a complete library of operational reports and it’s provided with a set of Open Interfaces that facilitate the provision of the data previously acquired and processed by the system to specific target systems. The multiple OIs are the ideal solution to manage the fact that different target systems require different sub-sets of data that mainly differ in terms of:

  • Quality: EDL+ applies a quality ranking to the data and for some systems data with lower ranking is acceptable, others require a higher ranking
  • Processing: Some systems require full monthly time series, other daily updates or calculation of consumption may be required vs just receiving validated measurement data

The OI structure essentially consists of three parts:

  • Table of Delivery Contracts: Contains all POD/PDR information relevant for the integration. It allows the target system to provide EDL+ with a list of delivery points for which it requires data
  • Data tables: Structure that contains all information available for export organized in specific tables according to data types
  • Table of import results: Contains the return/acknowledgment messages received from the target system

EDL + is completed by the XBot module that allows automate upload/download of activities from DSO’s portals for invoices, measurement data, market data, specific reports, request progress and more, usable both in the Cloud as SaaS and On Premises.


Product/service co-financed in the framework of the POR FESR LAZIO 2007-2013

Product/service co-financed in the framework of the POR CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020