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BelVis Forecast PRO/EHP

With its Time Series Management (TMS) powerful engine and flexible Power and Gas market models built in, BelVis allows you to safely manage the process underlying the Demand Forecast, from 3rd party data acquisition (via EDL+) to nomination of forecast data to the markets/TSO (using the NRGtrader or the X12 modules), with the certainty of fully monitoring the process at any time.

With the use of this tool, Traders are also able to model and predict fundamental market factors such as Country/Zonal Energy Demand and Energy Prices (ex: PUN).

With BelVis Forecast – thanks to the advanced algorithm modules “PRO” and “EHP” – you can access several forecasting techniques of the different commodities such as:

  • “similar day types”
  • standard profiles, for the gas sector as per AEEGSI Directives
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Adaptive Logic Networks, with extension of the number of the input (“Recurrent” method)
  • Multivariant linear Regression and ARIMA models
  • Kalman filter and exponential smoothing
  • Hierarchical models, namely automatic combination of existing algorithms

both for short and medium to long term, or on an hourly or daily basis, and obtain not only the conventional Deterministic forecast, but also the calculation of the Confidence intervals.