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BelVis Forecast Analytics Intelligence (AI)

The Energy market is rapidly changing under a huge regulatory pressure that has the aim of improving the efficiency of the whole system, making the maximum use of the new technologies available in the fields of acquisition, processing and dispatching of energy data. A genuine revolution driven by the installation of smart meters (2G) and the need to balance the power grid to integrate heterogeneous and distributed power generation, enabling increasingly flexible and efficient market access and the best Energy pricing policies.

This evolution requires management tools that are able to make the best use of the current technological models. The new AI BelVis Forecast is the solution to the current Energy market challenges, in which the Kisters Big Data for the acquisition and processing of massive data ties in with sound Analytics tools aimed at controlling and monitoring activities of data and forecast output quality. The functions of “Advanced Intelligence” implement the new in-built process of optimization and continuous improvement of the forecasts based on the BelVis extended library of predictive algorithms.

Data Analytics

Energy Forecasting