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Portfolio Management Belvis

The Portfolio Management (PFM) is the natural extension of the functionalities of Energy Data Management and Forecast provided by BelVis. We provide a flexible and comprehensive tool for the management of Energy Trading, without the complications of the conventional financially derived systems so often undermining the management of the “physical market”, of primary interest for the Traders. The BelVis Portfolio Management module has been developed in order to adapt also to the requirements of medium and small size players using intuitive interfaces and components directed to handle primary processes such as:

  • Energy supply
  • Energy sales
  • Product management
  • Contract management
  • Price evaluation
  • Balancing
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Risk management (add on “SIM”)
  • EMIR/REMIT management (add on “KiTRMS”)
  • Scheduling Power Italia and EEX/EPEX