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Front end Distributors-SII and Resellers

EDX-V is the web solution by ifs Italia designed for Traders to exchange the information flows with Distributors/SII, other institutional players (Terna, SRG, …), Resellers (wherever present) and end-customers.

EDL+ is our software dedicated to the normalization and processing of data from different sources. It allows you to import and manage – in a single database and format – measurements, readings, accounts payable essential for different processes of the Energy markets, such as Invoicing, Forecast and Pricing. With regards to data acquisition, EDL+ is made up of an Administration and Management module with the features to help analyze and verify the data and to deal with Dispute Management with the counterparties, wherever anomalies are identified. EDL+ includes various Data-Adapter ready to implement the standard formats required by the “Delibera 65/12”, by Terna, SRG and SII and other flows of the main Italian Distributors, as well as for the management of Accounts Payable following the AEEGSI standard and custom from Distributors. With regards to Pre-billing and preparation of data for Invoicing, EDL+ can calculate consumptions with all the means of control and validation required.

EDC-V allows Traders to manage – with a high degree of automation – the information exchange process with other market players, especially with Distributors, Resellers and end-customers. Approximately 30 services are managed (such as Switch, Voltage Check, Transfer of Contract, etc), several of which in atoa through a very intuitive web interface that shows the stage reached by each activity and which supports the operator with standard templates and reporting systems both on screen and on file. With the extension to include Resellers, they will only interact with the EDC-V portal for the management of their own requests, using a single format even if their POD are on several Distribution networks, receiving directly the outcome of the uploaded requests, as well as being able to download the measurements and the Invoicing data for their own POD. EDC-V can be used in a stand-alone mode or integrated with a CRM system such as EVI, therefore becoming the Front End of communication of the “technical” services while the whole life cycle of the end-customer is managed in the CRM system.



Product/service co-financed in the framework of the POR FESR LAZIO 2007-2013

Product/service co-financed in the framework of the POR CALABRIA FESR-FSE 2014-2020