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Traders/UDD: EDX-V

EDX-V is the product addressed to Power and Gas Traders/UDD to manage the information exchange processes with the other market players, especially with Distributors, TSO and SII (Italian energy data hub). EDX-V is broken down in the following independent modules:

  • EDL+: to manage the acquisition, normalization and validation of measurement data and accounts payable made available by Distribution/SII, Transport and Storage companies and to calculate the consumption for invoicing purposes.
  • EDC-VD: to manage the information exchange processes with regards to the after sales technical services using the Portal and/or A-To-A with the Distributors, in particular with the SII.
  • EDC-VR: to manage Resellers and extend them the functionalities of EDL+ and EDC-VD through a dedicated Portal in such a way that the exchange of the Reseller data and service information follows the same safe and transparent process of direct customers of the Trader.
  • EDC-VP: to give end-customers easy and transparent access to their own measurement data and other documents (PDF, invoices, etc.).
  • EDX-Vi: integration layer with Tarder legacy systems.